Our Story

Overflow is a young and trendy print and design company based in Georgia USA.
We are serving 52 states in the country. Overflow has sparked a movement within the design and print industry to make sustainable thinking the honesty and helping.

Our vision is to love others as God loved us first.
We want His love overflows from us in all we do.

“Fill my cup with Your love! Overflow”


Fast Turnaround

Turnaround time is the key for your business needs. We manage the time efficiently to satisfy all our customers.  


No matter what situation we face, we will keep full of honesty to our customers as we built our company on honesty.

1 : 1 Consultation

We have great communication skills to interact with our customers.
We are always here to help you and hear your voice! and it's 100% free!

Say hi
to our team

Introduce our lovely team in Overflow.
Overflow is led by it's founders, Gene Chung and Sara Sheehan, who started the fast-growing company in 2020. with the aim of creating stunning and 100% customer's satisfaction. 

Gene Chung

Website Manager

Sara Sheehan

Graphic Designer






Happy Customers


Happy Owners